Namibia. Adventure.

This tour will take you to discover the landscapes and sensational views of two countries — Namibia and South Africa: you will experience wonderful experiences in direct contact with nature, between animals and dunes in the desert, losing yourself in dreamy sunsets. A tour that harmoniously combines nature, traditions and culture of two spectacular countries.

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Day 1: From Windhoek to the Hindi Game Reserve

Arrival in Windhoek, meeting with our guide / driver and departure for the Hindi Game Reserve. Hindi is the largest private reserve in Namibia, around 20,000 hectares. In the park there are giraffes, lions, leopards, black and white rhinos, cheetahs (cheetahs), wild dogs, elephants, zebras, onyxes, back wildebeests (black wildebeest) kudos, hyenas, mandolins, hippos, crocodiles and many other animals. In the afternoon departure for the first exciting safari aboard the special 4×4 vehicles. Dinner at the lodge.

Day 2: Exploration and safaris.

After breakfast, we leave to explore this beautiful reserve aboard our vehicle. We’ll be out all day, and we’ll return to the lodge around 4:00 pm. We advise you to do the evening tour with the ranger, a fantastic experience!

Day 3: Towards Swakopmund

Breakfast and departure for Swakopmund. The town of Swakopmund is characterized by buildings in the Black Forest style (Germany), Namibia being their former colony, with an incredible panorama … in fact, no forest but rather sand dunes and palm trees. You will spend an incredible evening with Mrs. Margaret Courtney-Clarke, a very important Namibian photographer who lived in the desert for many months in the 60s following a tribe of Bushmen. Dine at the Tiger Reef Beach Restaurant, a quaint beach restaurant.

Day 4: Cape Cross.

Breakfast and departure along the sand tracks to reach Cape Cross where the largest colony of sea lions in the southern hemisphere resides. Unforgettable experience. It is not known exactly how many sea lions are present in the colony, it is estimated a variable number between 80,000 and 100,000 specimens. Lunch at Cape Cross Restaurant. Return to Swakopmund and dinner at the hotel.

Day 5: Towards Sossusvlei

Breakfast and departure for Sossusvlei along the C14, according to many one of the most beautiful roads in Namibia. Lunch at the Ritz (incredible town on the outskirts of Solitary). Arrival in Sossusvlei and accommodation.

Day 6: The spectacular dunes of Sossusvlei

Departure to go and see the dunes (number 45, number 17 but above all the Big Daddy Dune) that we will climb together: a breathtaking experience. Comfortable clothing and closed shoes are recommended. The lodge will provide us with a packed breakfast. Return to the lodge for lunch, afternoon rest and return to the dunes for a glass of wine at sunset to admire and appreciate unforgettable colors and flavors. Return to the lodge for dinner.

Day 7: Desert and mountains.

Breakfast and departure for AUS. We will continue the C14, and we will move on its natural continuation, the C13, the panorama that you will see offers unforgettable surprises. If the D707 is practicable we will do it, this is the road where the desert meets the mountains, called by the locals “the road close to paradise”. We will have lunch in the oasis of Beta.

Day 8: Towards Luddite

Breakfast and departure for Luddite and visit to the ghost town of Kolmanskop, an interesting abandoned settlement about 50 years ago that the desert is slowly recovering. Suggestive and disturbing, certainly spectacular for photography enthusiasts. Visiting hours are at 9:30 and 12:00. Fish based lunch in Luddite.

Day 9: Towards the Fish River Canyon.

Breakfast and departure for Ai-Ais, the absolutely deserted road will pass close to one — the only one! — farm with vineyards and orchards, a green spot in the arid rock desert. We will have lunch in Hobos, where we will visit the panoramic points of the Fish River Canyon. We will spend the night in an Ai-Ais hotel located inside the Canyon. The indoor and outdoor pools are heated with natural 65-degree spring water … A panacea after a long journey.

Day 10: Arrival in South Africa.

Breakfast and departure for South Africa with destination Cape Town. We will pass the border with South Africa to Vioolsdrif. Today lunch is packed, this will be the most tiring day. Overnight in Cape Town at the Cape Victoria Guest House, a beautiful 1930s building. Dinner at a fantastic Ethiopian restaurant.

Day 11: In the footsteps of Mandela.

Day dedicated to history! We will take a trip by ferry to visit Robbed Island, famous as Nelson Mandela’s prison but an important place in the history of South Africa since 1600. In the afternoon return to Cape Town and visit the District Six Museum, the district was destroyed by the government of apartheid in 1969 and 60,000 people were forced to move to the townships. Very interesting, where we will be accompanied on the visit by a resident of the neighborhood, then a kid. Dinner in one of the oldest cafes in Cape Town, where Gary, the owner, will cook you a wonderful Cape-Male dinner.

Day 12: The Cape of Good Hope peninsula.

Day dedicated to the discovery of the Cape peninsula. Trip to the Cape of Good Hope, a spectacular place where one breathes a magical atmosphere and a historically important point for the navigation routes to and from India. Local seafood lunch at Simon Town’s Black Marlin restaurant and visit to the African penguin colony. Return to the Guest House. Dinner at the Cape Town Port in Panama Jack.

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